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Crown Your Space with Light: Majestic Large Clear Quartz Cluster Tower, Radiating Purity - 2.26kg

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Unleash a luminous beacon of purity and harmony with this breathtaking clear quartz cluster. Towering like a mountain crystallized in light, each shimmering point amplifies energy, clarity, and the radiance of your own spirit. This majestic piece will crown your space with a captivating presence.

Hand-selected for its size and impressive formation, this clear quartz cluster features a symphony of glittering points, each catching and reflecting light like a celestial prism. Place it on your altar, table, or anywhere you need an infusion of positive energy and illumination.

Embrace the renowned properties of clear quartz – amplification, cleansing, and universal healing. Let its crystal clarity dispel negativity, attract positive energy, and elevate your intentions to their highest potential.

2.26kg, 22cm Tall

Note: Each clear quartz cluster is a unique creation of nature, and variations in size, shape, and inclusion are to be expected. These variations add to the individual charm and character of each piece.
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