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Celestial Serenity or Calcite Calm: Choose Your Large Crystal Sphere

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  • Embrace the calming energy of the heavens with this stunning large Celestite sphere.

    A-Grade Natural Celestite: This beautiful sphere is crafted from genuine Celestite, a captivating gemstone known for its ethereal sky-blue hues.
    Large and Captivating: Measuring 11.8cm in diameter, and 2.13kg, this sphere is a substantial piece that will make a remarkable statement in your home or meditation space.
    Polished to Perfection: The smooth, polished surface of the sphere allows the mesmerizing light blue color and subtle white inclusions of Celestite to truly shine.
    Peace and Tranquility: Celestite is prized for its calming properties, promoting inner peace, tranquility, and restful sleep.

    This large Celestite sphere is perfect for:
    Enhancing meditation and spiritual practices
    Creating a serene atmosphere in your home
    Fostering feelings of peace and relaxation
    Adding a touch of celestial beauty to your crystal collection
    A meaningful gift for crystal lovers and those seeking inner peace

    Please note: Celestite is a softer stone. We recommend handling it with care and keeping it away from excessive moisture.
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