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Large AAA Clear Quartz Tower Point Generator (363g) - Amplify Energy & Clarity (Copy)

$118.00 AUD
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Welcome to the luminous world of clear quartz, where radiant energy and profound purity converge. This captivating tower isn't just a stunning addition to your crystal collection; it's a beacon of light, ready to amplify your intentions and elevate the vibration of your space.

Material: 100% natural ethically sourced clear quartz
Size: 363g, 14cm
Origin: Brazil

Amplified Energy: Clear quartz, known as the "master healer," amplifies all forms of energy. Use it to boost your intentions, enhance your visualizations, and attract positive vibrations into your life.
Clarity and Focus: Feeling scattered or uncentered? Clear quartz can cut through mental fog and bring sharpened focus to your endeavors. Let its clarity guide your decisions and illuminate your path forward.

Exquisite Craftsmanship: This tower is a testament to nature's artistry and human skill. Its smooth facets and polished finish reflect the dedication poured into its creation.
Versatile Energy: Place your tower in your meditation space, living room, office, or bedside table to experience its harmonizing and uplifting energy throughout your day.
Gift of Light: Share the magic of clear quartz with a loved one. This tower makes a stunning and meaningful gift for any occasion, bringing beauty and positive energy to their life.

This magnificent clear quartz tower is more than just a decorative piece; it's an invitation to embrace the transformative power of nature's light. Invite its brilliance into your life and witness the magic unfold.

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