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Large Rose Quartz Tower: Attract Love & Peace into Your Life

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Welcome to our enchanting collection! Behold the beauty of our Large Rose Quartz Tower, weighing over 1kg. This substantial natural crystal point is not only a stunning piece for your space but also a powerful source of love and harmony. Here's more about this exquisite rose quartz tower:

Crystal Type: Rose Quartz
Tower Size: Over 800g
Color: Delicate shades of pink
Texture: Smooth with natural inclusions
Energy: Radiates love, compassion, and healing energy

Rose Quartz is celebrated for its various spiritual and healing properties:

Chakra Alignment: It resonates with the Heart Chakra, promoting love, compassion, and emotional balance.
Love and Harmony: Known for attracting love and harmonizing relationships.
Healing Energy: Rose Quartz brings comfort, peace, and emotional healing.

Each large rose quartz tower is unique, displaying natural variations and inclusions.
Ideal as a centerpiece, meditation focal point, or decorative piece in your home.
Packaged securely to ensure safe delivery.
Enhance the energy of your space with the loving vibrations of this Large Rose Quartz Tower. It's not just a crystal; it's a beautiful statement of love and positive energy.

Please Note:
Crystal properties are shared for informational purposes and should not replace professional medical advice or treatment.
Natural variations may occur in each crystal, making your rose quartz tower one-of-a-kind.
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