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Stunning Kambaba Jasper Tower - Crocodile Jasper Point, Meditation Crystal, Energy Stone

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This beautiful kambaba jasper tower is a must-have for any crystal lover or collector. Kambaba jasper, also known as crocodile jasper, is a unique and stunning stone with mesmerizing patterns of green, black, and white. It is said to promote peace, tranquility, and emotional healing, making it a perfect addition to any meditation or yoga practice.

This particular tower is approximately 21cm tall and has been polished to a smooth finish. The patterns on this tower are truly exceptional, with swirls of green and black that resemble a crocodile's skin. This tower would make a wonderful gift for yourself or someone special.

Material: Genuine A-grade malachite
Size: 1.21kg, 21*7*5cm
Ethically sourced and sustainably mined

This tower is perfect for:
Meditation and yoga
Home decor
Crystal grids
Altar pieces
Gift giving

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