Unveiling the Mystery: Black Moonstone Tower Generator Point

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Embrace the enigmatic beauty of the Black Moonstone with this captivating crystal tower. Standing tall at 5-7 centimeters, this mesmerizing piece radiates an aura of magic and transformation.

Unleash the Power Within:


    • Embrace your intuition:¬†Black Moonstone,¬†a powerful stone of deep feminine energy,¬†enhances psychic abilities and strengthens intuition.¬†Let it guide you towards hidden truths and unlock your inner wisdom.


    • Transform negativity:¬†This stone acts as a shield against negativity,¬†absorbing and transmuting lower energies into positivity and growth.¬†Embrace its cleansing power for emotional balance and spiritual renewal.


    • Awaken your magic:¬†Channel the moon's mystical energy with this enchanting tower.¬†It fosters creativity,¬†ignites inspiration,¬†and empowers you to manifest your desires with renewed confidence.


More than just a pretty stone:


    • Ethically sourced:¬†We prioritize responsible practices,¬†ensuring your crystal comes from ethical and sustainable sources.


    • Hand-polished:¬†Each tower is meticulously hand-polished to reveal its unique beauty and natural shine.


  • Unique variations:¬†Every Black Moonstone is one-of-a-kind,¬†with captivating variations in color and markings,¬†making your piece truly special.

Embrace the magic of the Black Moonstone by adding this captivating tower to your collection.

Approx. 5-7 cm

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