Aura Rose Quartz- Learn all about this ultimate healing crystal

Metals are fused to quartz in a process that combines science and nature to create Aura Rose Quartz. In this alchemical procedure, platinum and gold are fused with premium rose quartz, creating a pearly, iridescent, opalescent pink shade that highlights the fractals, inclusions, and internal dimensions of the natural quartz crystal.

The attributes of the aura coating magnify and intensify the properties of rose quartz, making it a stone of absolute love.

What are Aura Crystals?

Real Quartz crystals have been improved through modern alchemy to create Aura Crystals. This produces a special set of fresh energies in addition to intensifying the original components of the base crystal, which is generally quartz or amethyst. They come in a variety of vivid colours, each of which has an exceptionally high vibration that helps in expanding consciousness and healing the physical and spiritual bodies. Aura crystals, which are created by fusing crystals with precious metals like Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Titanium, have special energies.

Aura crystals can contribute to bringing positive energy into our homes and lives because, like plants, crystals tend to reflect what we give them when they are loved and cared for.

How are Aura Crystals Made?

Minerals and precious metals are electrostatically bound to the surface of genuine crystal to produce Aura Crystals, which have a mystical aura-colored coating.

Crystals of any kind, including clear quartz, milky quartz, amethyst, rose quartz, quartz geodes, and others, are placed in a vacuum chamber and heated to a temperature of over 800 °C. At this point, a precious metal vapour is injected, coating the crystal and causing its atoms to attach to the surface. Crystals with fracture lines do not survive this dangerous process. The precious metal employed in the vapour determines the colour and new qualities of the crystal's iridescent metallic shine. Gold, platinum, titanium, silver, iron, magnesium, and nickel are the most often used elements in the creation of aura crystals.

How do I care for my Aura Crystal?

  • Shower it with affection. It will repay you tenfold if you show it the love it needs because it has gone through a lot in its life. You will experience greater love in return the more you treasure it.
  • Even though your crystal has endured the ice age and electrostatic heat treatment, it is still fragile. When not in use, handle it carefully and store it someplace where it won't be easily harmed.
  • Place your crystal in the moonlight, particularly during a new moon, to recharge it, or allow a freshwater stream to renew its energy.
  • Use warm water to wash your Aura Crystal, but avoid using abrasive cleaning agents or scouring sponges. On points and towers, you can also use a soft dry cloth, and on geodes and clusters, you can use a soft makeup brush.

Power & Benefits of Rose Aura Quartz:

Rose Aura Quartz is a stone representing eternal love and a link to the almighty. It helps with energy enhancement, anger management, physical balancing, and emotional healing. It is said to restore the cells to their ideal balance and infuse the entire body with love.

Spiritual & Emotional Influence:

You can communicate with your guardian angels and the angelic realm using rose aura quartz. It transforms deeply ingrained self-worth doubts by working on the pineal gland and the heart chakra, giving you the gift of unflinching self-love, and creating a potent link to global love.

It elevates your mood and instils calm and harmony.

The Physical Connection:

It restores the body's cellular structure in order to achieve complete balance. Also, prevents static electricity and radiation. This crystal gives you energy and strengthens your immune system.

The Chakras Connected to Rose Aura Quartz:

It’s associated with the Third Eye (Brow) Chakra, Heart Chakra. In order to link the mind, intuition, and emotions in order to see your actual self and pursue your heart's wishes, it connects the Third Eye (Brow) Chakra with the Heart Chakra.

The Healing Properties of Rose Aura Quartz

Quartz is a very potent energy amplifier and healer, absorbing, storing, releasing, and controlling energies. Depending on whatever precious mineral is added, it will have additional healing properties when enhanced by precious metals. Any ailment can be treated with quartz because it is a great healer. It also balances your body and stimulates your immunity and energy systems.

The special frequency of rose aura quartz interacts with your pineal gland and heart chakra to transform ingrained self-doubts into the gift of unwavering self-love, as well as to link you to the mighty energy of universal love. This stone is ideal for anyone who has experienced abuse, poor body image, abandonment, or rejection in a romantic relationship.

Rose Aura Quartz has a powerful yet serene energy that is uplifting without being overpowering.

Your entire body is filled with love thanks to Rose Aura Quartz, which also perfectly balances all of your cells. It is believed to help with issues with teenage pregnancy, particularly if the young woman is unsupported by a partner. It is also reported to ease the beginning of puberty in girls and early menstruation difficulties in teens. Its healing energy is also beneficial for spiritual and emotional healing, reducing rage, and treating burns.

How to Use Rose Aura Quartz:

Place over your Heart Chakra and on your Third Eye (Brow) Chakra to activate the energy of both of these chakras. Use while meditation, add in something you wear or carry, or both, to absorb energy throughout the day.


The attributes of the aura coating magnify and intensify the properties of rose quartz, making it a stone of absolute love.

Since rose quartz is associated with the feminine divine, it exudes an aura of great spiritual strength as well as feelings of compassion, peace, and maternal tenderness.
It reduces tension and stress and also fosters a feeling of serenity and peace. This gemstone is a romantic's stone. It has a prism-like effect on your consciousness, kindling feelings of unadulterated love and stoking your passions. This gem allows you to experience love more deeply and strengthen relationships with the people you care about.

Hope, forgiveness, compassion, enlightenment, inspiration, understanding, and awareness are just a few of the amazing qualities that Aura Rose Quartz provides to your life.

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