Black Obsidian Stone: Meaning and how to use it

Some crystals have the capacity to promote healing. Such crystals might protect you or be very helpful in the healing process. These crystals can be helpful in your spiritual path in addition to clearing the energy that are around you. The Black Obsidian Crystal is one such crystal. This powerful and attractive stone is highly renowned for expelling and purifying demonic energy. Many people have turned to it over the years and even now in times of need.

Black Obsidian Stone meaning

Black Obsidian is a volcanic glass produced when hot lava swiftly cools.  Because of its beauty and toughness, it is a popular material for jewellery and other items. Although it occasionally has a green or brown tint, black obsidian typically has a deep, rich black colour. It's interesting to note that black obsidian has been used for ceremonial and medicinal purposes for ages. While some people think the stone can aid in the expulsion of negative emotions and energy, others think it can aid in healing and relaxation.

Additionally, black obsidian is thought to assist in attracting good energy into your life. If you're looking for a strong and functional gemstone, Black Obsidian is something to consider. 

The Benefits of Black Obsidian

You may actively defend not only your physical body but also your home and mind by embracing black obsidian. Physical defence is crucial in the world, but a crystal that guards against psychic assaults can significantly raise one's quality of life.

A person or place can be cleansed of any negative energy by using black obsidian. This type of energy pollutes the environment and serves no purpose other than to act as a catalyst for change.

Obsidian can also shield a person from energetic pollutants brought into a home by radiation or electromagnetic waves. Black obsidian aims to shield you from them as well. Your televisions, laptops, microwaves, and WiFi routers are continuously releasing toxic frequencies that may be causing an imbalance in your energy body. 

Black Obsidian Healing Properties

Obsidian's therapeutic qualities can assist you in defending your energy. You can effectively clear and balance the chakras with the use of these restorative powers. This gem can aid in the healing of both your metaphysical energy and your emotional or mental energy.

Mental & Emotional Healing Energy

By assisting you in confronting your darker side, the obsidian crystals can accelerate your emotional and mental rehabilitation. Many people lack the courage to confront their darker side, which has left them emotionally scarred or with certain mental wounds. You can heal from the abuses, trauma, or any other experience that has made you emotionally susceptible by regaining the ability to face that side with the aid of this crystal.

Your ability to grow spiritually may be hampered if you are not psychologically and emotionally stable. Additionally, it can lead to serious problems, including addiction, violence, insecurity, and melancholy. By removing the negativity, the obsidian stone can assist you in healing your mental and emotional imbalances or traumas. You can effectively neutralise and dissolve any emotional or psychic waste with the use of this crystal's potent effects.

Metaphysical Healing Energy

Obsidian crystals can aid in accelerating the physical healing process as well. The improved circulatory flow that this gem promotes can lead to better digestion and deep tissue healing, among other benefits. Your root chakras can be cleared as a result of the obsidian crystal's metaphysical qualities, and any obstructions in your solar plexus chakra can be removed. It also has some characteristics similar to those of a mirror, which can assist you in seeing into other realms.

Your stability and grounding can be supported by all of these energies. As a result, you can defend yourself against any threat while standing firm and secure. Additionally, this crystal can aid in your development of cosmic consciousness and your ability to see into other worlds.

Crystal for Safe Travel and Protection

Black obsidian is an excellent all-rounder protection crystal that will stop you from absorbing other people’s negative energy. Therefore, it’s a brilliant travel crystal to have in your pocket or around your neck when you are in a crowded environment. 

This sleek black stone offers more than just protection against negative energy. Moreover, it keeps you safe from harm and attacks by steering you clear of any possible malicious intentions. It will keep you grounded, clear and cleanse your aura, and calm your emotions.


How to use Black Obsidian?

Combining this stone with other crystals is one of the most efficient ways to use it. Obsidian's clarifying qualities will make other stones shine more brilliantly, enhancing psychic protection. Additionally, the shield that obsidian creates will shield your other stones, preserving the purity of their energies. This guarantees that you can use your whole collection without interruption.

Obsidian is a well-known stone for a reason. It has special qualities that we can all enjoy due to its great protecting quality and attractive sights. Additionally, because it blends so well with various stones, it's ideal for a varied collection! 

How to Cleanse Black Obsidian Stone?

Knowing how to properly cleanse black obsidian is vital since it is a stone that is very protective. The following advice will help you cleanse your black obsidian:

  1. Use saltwater. Saltwater can be used to thoroughly clean your black obsidian.Simply soak it in saltwater for a few minutes before rinsing.


  1. Use the sunlight. Your black obsidian can be thoroughly cleaned with sunlight as well. It only has to be exposed to the sun for a few hours to get clean.



  1. Use Sage Smoke.Another great technique to purify your black obsidian is with sage smoke. Simply ignite some sage and allow the smoke to envelop the stone for a short while.


  1. Use Consecrated Water. You can also use sanctified water to clean your black obsidian if you have it. Just give the stone a brief soak in the water before rinsing it.

Where can obsidian be found naturally?

Obsidian is found in a number of well-known and popular places, including Mount Hekla in Iceland, the Eolie Islands off the coast of Italy, and Obsidian Cliff in Yellowstone National Park in the United States. Obsidian makes up the uppermost layer of rhyolitic lava flows and is most frequently encountered in combination with volcanic rocks. 


Obsidian has a wide range of uses, advantages, and benefits, so it's reasonable to say that any crystal fan would want to add a few pieces to their collection. Obsidian may be your next go-to stone if you wish to undertake deep inner healing, ground your energy, or obtain profound insights from your dreams. 


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