Blue Apatite - strengthen and enhance the bond

Apatite is one of the lesser-known minerals and derives its name from the Greek word "apate", meaning "to deceive, to conceal", named after the fact that when apatite was first discovered, its colour was often mistaken for a variety of other precious stones. Apatite can be yellow, blue, purple or green in colour, with hexagonal crystals, and is found in Burma, Sri Lanka, Africa, Canada, Russia and Mexico.

Alternatively, some people may have heard of 'apatite' and imagined 'bone' and 'teeth'. In fact, apatite is one of the components of teeth and is used in toothpaste and gums, which are considered to be good for teeth. It is also used in the scientific and industrial fields and as a component to enhance the absorbency of bases in common objects.

Apatite has the ability to enhance its 'self-expression'. Self-expression is the ability to communicate ideas about other people and groups. People may not like them if they are too self-centred, and people who cannot speak their own mind and advocate or act their own way may be seen in a negative light.

Apatite is said to have the power to "strengthen and enhance the bond" with others. It strengthens bonds not only with family, lovers and friends but also with your team and organisation.

Blue Apatite corresponds to the Throat Chakra and also stabilises the energy of the chakras. Blue Apatite makes it easier for people to achieve the goals they have set for themselves, helps them to reduce stress at work, to concentrate on learning, thinking, and effective communication, and helps with language skills, especially in situations where speech is required.

In addition, Blue Apatite can also heal the minds of people who are badly organised due to scattered thoughts, as well as those who are injured or depressed. It is said that relaxing and calming the restless mind brings health to the body.

It is, therefore, the best choice for those who are easily depressed, negative thinkers and for those who tend to withdraw.


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