Crystal Healing: A complete guide to using crystals for healing

Most people naturally associate complementary and alternative medicine with practises like acupuncture, aromatherapy, and homoeopathy, but crystals (sometimes known as crystal healing) also fall under this category, as you may be aware.

Healing crystals are stunning to look at, come in a variety of sizes, shapes, finishes, and gemstones, and are utilised by people for a wide range of purposes.

What Are Healing Crystals?

Crystals are stones with unique atomic arrangements or arrangements that affect electrical charge, light refraction, and other physical properties. These characteristics are enhanced by crystal healing, along with how they might impact the vibration, electrical charge, and operation of the human body.

How Do Healing Crystals Work?

Crystal healing is thought to have an impact on a person either through vibration or mentality.

Vibrational Medicine

The phrase "vibrational medicine" was first used by IBM researcher Marcel Vogel in the 1970s to describe the idea that crystal therapy modifies the body's molecules' vibration to match the vibrational energy of the crystal being utilised. According to Dr. Kim, crystals can speed up the body's natural healing process since they vibrate at a tone comparable to that of people. This is because crystals have a wavelength similar to that of the human body.

Alexandra Trevisan, a holistic chiropractor in Los Angeles, continues, "As humans, we have the capacity to function within this energy spectrum, either ascending or lowering. Think of the scale as having love and enthusiasm at the top and dread and hate at the bottom. Healing gemstones often repel energy from the low end of the energetic spectrum (anger, envy, and/or despair) or hold one or more of the frequencies at the high end (love, clarity, and/or hope).


It may be much more effective to use crystal healing to harness the power of the mind. For a very long time, poets and religious figures have viewed gemstones as symbols of perfection, purity, joy, and faith. They found inspiration, tenacity, and ingenuity in gemstones.

Researchers concur that thinking significantly affects health and recovery. The intention-based approach of crystal healing, similar to that fostered in mindfulness meditation, is beleived by practitioners to support immunity, attention, emotional processing, stress reduction, and nervous system regulation.

How to You Use Healing Crystals?

Healing crystals can be used in a variety of ways, including meditation, adornment, and more.


When the mind wanders during meditation, focusing on a crystal that symbolises a mantra, emotion, or intention might help you get back on track. They work as a grounding tool on a more practical level.


For the best results from the vibrational healing idea, many crystal healers advise wearing crystals on your skin or in your clothing, For instance apply crystals on a chakra, or energy area while you are working with them.


It is advised to incorporate crystals into your interior design. This helps in purifying the area and also attract postitve vibrations while repelling the negative ones.

Spa Treatments and Wellness

Crystals are frequently used by health practitioners in chiropractic adjustments, massages, and even facials.

Crystal Therapy

Crystals magnify both their own energy and the divine universal energy, also known as spirit, chi, qi, prana, light and love, and Reiki. It is beleived that crystals are alive and are transmitting fascinating and healing messages to all of us. When you go shopping for crystals, you might find that some of them were crafted by humans while others were naturally produced by the earth.

It can be tempting to purchase man-made stones for a price that seems to be a great deal because they are often less expensive. However, take some time to examine their energy before you buy. After handling a natural stone, contrast how holding a man-made stone makes you feel. The natural stone will probably give off more of a warm, loving aura. Moldavite and other naturally occurring stones are treasures from heaven's cosmic treasure chest and are the history, love, and wisdom of mother Earth. Additionally, synthetics may be employed in crystal therapy.

As you practise crystal therapy, remember that your purpose determines the outcome, and stones will help you achieve your goals since they amplify energy.

The most popular crystals


Jade has been used for thousands of years as a therapeutic tool and to cleanse the body. It is supposed to aid in the removal of toxins from the body by stimulating the filtration system when used either physically on your body, such as with the  Jade Facial Roller, or as part of a meditation practise.


Citrine is claimed to have brain-stimulating properties that boost self-worth, motivation, and creativity, making it the perfect crystal for business owners.

Rose quartz

Rose quartz is a popular and well-liked crystal for those seeking emotions of unconditional love, both for others and for themselves. It is believed to replace negative energy with loving ones, allowing people to forgive themselves and others, while also being used to aid in boosting fertility.


By boosting your immune system, turquoise is frequently used to defend against environmental toxins or outside influences. It is also said to have anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties, making it particularly appealing for people who work in urban environments. By balancing the chakras, it can also stabilise mood fluctuations, making it a well-liked crystal for reducing anxiety and fatigue in difficult conditions.

Clear quartz

Due to the idea that it serves as "the energetic bridge between our conscious and unconscious minds," crystal quartz is a common choice for healing. It is claimed to contain and control negative energy to promote internal strength while allowing for a balanced and revitalised self.


Amethyst is used to ease grief, reduce tension and melancholy, and remove negativity since it is thought to have healing properties. The use of the stone may frequently serve as a comforting symbol and a source of strength. It can also help you concentrate on your thoughts and reduce the severity of headaches, which will make meditation easier and more fruitful.


People frequently use healing crystals to assist them in a variety of aspects of their lives. Some people have a collection of healing stones they utilise frequently, while some prefer to have only one crystal that they occasionally consult.

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