How to cleanse and charge crystals

Have you ever considered crystal or stone cleaning? Here we discuss several different approaches to crystal cleansing. Since historical times, crystals and stones have been admired. According to historical texts, crystals were used by the Chinese, Japanese, Indians, Romans, Chinese, and Egyptians in the past to promote healing and enlightenment. Even today, a number of alternative health experts say that crystals have metaphysical properties that, when used regularly, can improve health. 

In particular, a number of practitioners of alternative medicine think that crystals and other stones affect energy levels by releasing natural vibrations that promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. According to our ancestors, by interacting with the human electromagnetic field, crystals are said to bring about energetic changes. It was particularly considered that they served as a link between your conscious impulses and your physical self. Furthermore, it is thought that the strong vibratory action of these healing gemstones facilitates the free circulation of energy throughout the body.

Why Do Crystals Need to be Cleansed?

A crystal has travelled from source to seller to your hand. A significant amount of energy may be stored in the crystal throughout this journey. Certain research suggests that a large amount of data can be stored indefinitely in crystals. Some advise cleansing as the first step if you want to start over with your new crystal. This will help in getting your crystal back to its original state.

The physical structure of gemstones is stable and robust and is referred to as the crystal structure. Crystals, in particular, are constructed according to a precise geometric arrangement without relying on randomness. Crystals can generate a constant vibration known as the dormant oscillatory rate because this geometric pattern is repeated in their structural organisation. When a crystal with these qualities comes into contact with you, it is said to balance your energy field and promote your wellbeing. However, the vibration—or oscillation rate—of a crystal is disturbed when unwanted excessive energy is stored in it.

Some practitioners of alternative medicine think that gemstones have the astonishing capacity to spontaneously return to their dormant oscillation pace. The amount of time it takes for a crystal to return to its former state is assumed to be considerable. You can swiftly return your crystals to their dominant state by using the procedure described below to properly clean them.

Methods to Cleanse Your Crystals

According to some alternative medicine practitioners, crystals can be cleansed in a variety of ways according to their nature, type, and colour. You should try to cleanse them at least once a month; if you believe they have been harmed by bad energy, you should do it more frequently.

Placing them under the full moon.

A significant time in the lunar cycle is the full moon, which is wonderful for cleansing and energising your favourite stones. All you require to do is "put the crystal outside on the ground, overnight on the night of the full moon, to charge it with lunar energy." Any inside windowsill that receives moonlight will do!

Bury them in the ground.

One of our most calming components is the earth, and standing barefoot in grass or dirt may instantly purify and enliven the spirit. Crystals are comparable in this regard. Re-grounding your gemstones and appealing to any negative energy to escape are both accomplished by burying them in soil. For those looking to give their gems a good shake up and get them spotless after some serious energy work, the burial method is one of the more powerful options.

Find a sacred and secure place to bury your gem; it might be a location that holds special meaning for you, the understory of a cherished tree, or even your own garden. Bury them in the ground (just a few inches deep is sufficient). Rest for at least 24 hours or even three days. Stones that really like earth cleansing include Tigers Eye, Citrine, Carnelian, Jasper, Calcite, and Agate.

Give them a sound bath.

By using the power of sound, crystals can be cleansed and charged in another safe and wise way. A fantastic, risk-free method of cleaning your gems is to use sound frequency to wash them over and change the vibration of your crystal. This is a clever technique for folks who have a tonne of crystals that would take years to wash and charge separately because it is quick and efficient.

Whatever method you choose—chanting, using tuning forks, singing bowls or bells for their beautiful pitch—what matters is that the sound may resonate with the stones. Any stone can be treated with this, and the sound bath only needs to last five minutes.

Burn incense or herbs over them.

Anyone who has ever used smudging to clear a place of negative energy will be familiar with how powerful this easy technique is. Another traditional method is smudging, which is frequently used with herbs like sage, cedar, lavender, and sweetgrass, to name just a few. Sage is the most widely used option because it has various medicinal benefits. This strong herb purifies, opens a channel to the spiritual world, dispels bad energy, and calms all types of stress. Your worn-out crystal needs this vibe more than anything.

Make sure you are outside or close to an open window when smudging your stones so that negative energy has a place to go. To achieve the best and cleanest results, use bundled sage sticks. With the stone in one hand and the sage stick's tip lit, wave the sage over it to allow the smoke to surround it for at least 30 seconds. One of the greatest advantages of the smudging technique is that it can be used with any crystal, especially pyrite, where you don't want to lose the crystal's sparkling sheen.

Immerse them in salt water.

Saltwater is an instant healer, as anyone who has ever had a purifying swim in the ocean will attest. Cleaning your crystals in saltwater helps to remove any traces of negativity and absorb undesirable energy. Utilizing the tidal power of trust and change in saltwater is the ideal approach to put your diamonds into a soothing flow. If you live near the ocean, you can collect a bowl of saltwater for your crystals. If you live on land, don't worry; adding salt to water will still work.

As long as you can stand to be without them for a day, make sure your crystals are entirely submerged in the saltwater for a few hours. Always make sure to thoroughly pat dry after removing your stones. Recognize that not all crystals adore water. Selenite, Lepidolite, Malachite, and Angelite should not be exposed to water since they are softer and more porous than amethyst and quartz, which are more resilient stones.

A cleansing visualization.

By sharing your own intuitive abilities, you can also purify and charge up your stones. One fantastic strategy to deepen your connection with your crystals is to cleanse your stones using visualisation and meditation techniques. You can reciprocate their generosity by giving to them. This is also one of the safest methods for cleaning your stones because there is no chance of fading or disrupting the natural equilibrium of the stone due to exposure to water, soil, sunlight, or other environmental factors. To ensure that your stone doesn't have to do any work, it's crucial that you are in a positive frame of mind and that you ground and connect your energy.

Ground your energies until you feel focused while holding the stone in your dominant hand. Imagine holding a large, bright white light in your hands that surrounds the crystals and permeates every corner of them. Consider visualising all impurities and bad energy leaving your stone and being replaced by pristine, bright light. You should only work with one stone at a time so you can fully focus your energies during this procedure, which can take several minutes. You can use any of your gems for this exercise.


We take care of ourselves when we take care of our stones. We are peacefully and healingly letting energy leave that is not in harmony with our life and intentions. By taking these simple steps, we can interact more mindfully with the stones, with ourselves, and with others.

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