Strawberry quartz: It’s Properties and Healing Powers

The stone strawberry quartz is intriguing. Red inclusions or trace minerals are actually somewhat rare kind of quartz. The stone's strawberry-like form is what gives it the name "strawberry quartz," and the red inclusions give it a reddish-pink tint that occasionally looks like strawberry seeds! However, despite how appetising they may appear, we do not advise attempting to taste a Strawberry Quartz.

The calming and soothing qualities of strawberry quartz are well known. It may not be as well-known as some other gems, but they have a variety of abilities, from influencing emotions to providing protection. However, strawberry quartz also possesses unique abilities. It is regarded as a stone that can help you comprehend both your own and other people's feelings; it can help you cope with difficult sentiments and rekindle love in your life.

Strawberry Quartz in Ancient History & Lore

Strawberry Quartz, in contrast to many other common stones, was just recently discovered. Despite only being found in the 1970s, Strawberry Quartz has swiftly gained popularity due to its natural beauty and distinctive strawberry red hue.

The majority of strawberry quartz is found in Russia and Kazakhstan, as well as more recently in Brazil, Mexico, Madagascar, and South Africa.

Quartz comes in different varieties, including strawberry quartz. One of the most popular stones and one with some of the most well-known therapeutic qualities is quartz. Because it is said that it may be set to your individual preferences and then utilised for whatever you require, it is known as the "Universal Crystal."

Quartz was allegedly utilised by ancient priests and priestesses to communicate with the spiritual world. It was even discovered in locations like King Tut's tomb, where it was thought that the quartz would offer eternal protection from bad spirits.

The Properties Of Strawberry Quartz

Rose Quartz and Strawberry Quartz are frequently confused for one another, and they indeed share many characteristics. However, because iron oxide and goethide are part of Strawberry Quartz's composition, it has a significantly darker hue than Rose Quartz. When polished or tumbled, this crystal sparkles with a deep crimson hue that is quite alluring to most people. It is frequently sparkling. Strawberry Quartz is a member of the quartz family and offers several advantages for both physical and mental health.

Quartz stones are good amplifier stones because they have a powerfully positive vibration. In other words, they contribute to enhancing the vibratory strength of other stones and boosting the strength of our own electromagnetic fields. In addition, it is said that strawberry quartz has the power to purge unfavourable vibrations and energies from the physical to the spiritual layers of the aura. Strawberry Quartz has grounding properties and can be used to work on the Base chakra and the Heart, even though it, like Rose Quartz, is in tune with the frequency of unrestricted love.

Physical Properties Of Strawberry Quartz

On the Mohs scale, strawberry quartz is a silicate with a hardness of 7. In terms of crystal structure, it is trigonal. This stone's chemical make-up is silicon dioxide with hematite inclusions.

Metaphysical Properties Of Strawberry Quartz

The love vibrational energy of strawberry quartz can assist you in loving yourself, which is something that many people find to be quite difficult. It gives you a sense of your own worth and demonstrates how much the forces of the universe value you. When you begin to genuinely believe in yourself, others will do the same. Strawberry Quartz makes it more likely that people will recognise your abilities and appreciate what you have to offer.

The Healing Powers Of Strawberry Quartz

Emotional Healing Powers

Finding the right companion for you can be aided by this love stone. It is very helpful for encouraging self-love and reminds us that if we want to serve others, we must first look after our own physical and emotional well-being.

The vibration of strawberry quartz is tuned to the feminine energies of motherhood, and this is a significant component of parenthood. It can encourage parents in establishing healthy limits and aid to build the link between both parents and their children.

If we wish to enjoy joy in life to the fullest extent possible, self-care is of the utmost significance. Strawberry Quartz aids in addressing negative mental patterns that can be preventing you from moving forward. It also challenges us to take a close look at old problems that might be causing us emotional problems right now.

This crystal will encourage inner fortitude and optimism, which will prime and energise your body and make you more capable of overcoming obstacles.

Physical Healing Powers

When used to treat the physical body, strawberry quartz is supposed to help ease aches and pains in the lower back and abdomen. Additionally, it promotes the removal of waste from the bloodstream, supports the immune system's proper operation, and aids in the strengthening of the chest and heart muscles.

The energies of strawberry quartz are also beneficial to conditions of the female reproductive system. Some people think it will increase conception and revive a dwindling libido in both partners.

Strawberry Quartz And Wealth

Your body will be stimulated by this crystal, and you'll remain motivated. If you want to attain your financial and wealth goals, this is crucial.

It will clear your thoughts of all distractions so you can give your complete attention to the task at hand.

Additionally, it will increase your awareness of the good energies around you so that you can use them when necessary.

It's a crystal that will increase your luck and fortune and attract wealthier energy. To draw a lot of money into your home, hang Strawberry Quartz ornaments in the quadrant designated for riches.

Strawberry Quartz, Love And Relationships

The heart chakra is in tune with the vibrations of strawberry quartz. You will have a greater sense of heart-centered awareness as a result of it unlocking, activating, and stimulating this chakra. You can look back on your experiences with love, acceptance, and delight if you use strawberry quartz.

Your emotional healing will also be assisted by the energies of this crystal, allowing you to let go of any unhelpful emotional baggage. Additionally, it will balance your emotions so that you can live your life with a greater sense of thankfulness and appreciation for everything that comes with it. The forces of universal love are sent by strawberry quartz into your life so that you can channel them toward others and yourself.

This crystal will activate your heart's energy centre and make you feel blissful and in love with everyone around you. You will be motivated to spread more love, and as a result, you will draw in more loving forces. Positive relationships between loved ones, friends, and family will be fostered with strawberry quartz. It will draw out and strengthen your compassionate and loving personality, and it will get rid of anything unfavourable.

When socialising is difficult for you, this crystal can be a huge assistance. It will make you feel secure and at ease while boosting your self-esteem. A chaotic relationship will become more secure and stable with the assistance of strawberry quartz, which will help soothe abrasive personalities. It will eliminate any sensations of danger or dread and draw in more uplifting energy.


A powerful stone that can help you repair your soul is strawberry quartz. This unusual stone is thought to be able to keep negativity out of your life while also assisting you in learning more about your spiritual self! In addition to strengthening your resolve to keep moving forward in life, strawberry quartz will enhance your relationships and attract abundance!

There is no other gem on Earth with the characteristics of strawberry quartz. This highly unique stone can aid in soul healing and awaken compassion within you.

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