What is Moonstone, its types and benefits?

Moonstone captivates gem lovers from all civilizations with its mystical appearance, which is perceived as a shrouded spectacle of light or cirrus clouds passing in front of the moon. Its pearly iridescence is so exquisitely beautiful that it should contain a significant message. True fact, a huge importance lies behind its enigmatic name and lighthearted sparkle. Monks, shamans, spiritualists, and followers of various religions place a high value on it.


Moonstone Meaning

The significance of moonstone rests inside its energy, which is as old as the moon itself. Your feminine energies can be nourished, given passion, and awakened by this force. You can find healing and a path within through it. It promotes tranquillity with a sensual, mystical sense, along with the waxing and waning of the moon. It transmits a radiant vitality that can invigorate the body and mind and wash away negativity. Moonstone is always surrounded with brilliant white energy that makes it a protecting gem since it is encircled by potent rays of gold, blue, and purple.


Types of moonstone:

Some well-liked varieties of Moonstones include those that are different shades.:- 


Blue Moonstone: 

Clarity and focus are key components of blue moonstone meaning. Focus is improved by blue moonstone, especially when one is in a meditative state. The meaning of blue moonstone is to balance the male and female aspects of us.

White moonstone:

White moonstone is the most prevalent type of moon stone crystal. The meaning of the white moonstone involves improving psychic perception and balancing emotions, especially in men. It is also claimed to awaken the Kundalini in women.

Peach Moonstone or Yellow Moonstone:

One of the meanings of Peach Moonstone is that it acts on the heart and mind and reduces worry. Children who are sensitive and perceptive are reported to benefit from Peach Moonstone/Yellow Moonstone.

Grey Moonstone/Gray Moonstone:

The significance of grey moonstone is that it strengthens clairvoyance abilities and aids in seeing through veils into hidden realms. It is also well-liked by shamans due to its magical capabilities.

Cat's Eye Moonstone:

This is a rare form of real moonstone, and because of its eye-catching adularescence‚ÄĒwhich gives it the iconic "eye of a cat" sliver of shine‚ÄĒthe cat's eye moonstone is coveted. It has a pearly lusture and, when held up to light, seems translucent. Cat's Eye Moonstone that is translucent is exceedingly expensive and extremely difficult to find. Like all moonstone gems, cat's eye moonstone has therapeutic and mystical powers.

Star Moonstone:

Star Moonstone is a rare kind of moonstone that exhibits asterism, creating the appearance of a shining star.

Black Moonstone:

Along with other Moonstone therapeutic abilities, the meaning of a black moonstone includes protection against harmful energies. The fact that black moonstone is typically employed as a meditation tool and is accordingly contoured to fit the palm, black tumbling moonstone, pendulums, etc. is an crucial aspect of its significance.

Pink Moonstone:

A gentle feeling of love is conveyed by the exquisite Pink Moonstone with Pink Flakes. Along with other Moonstone meanings and actual Moonstone therapeutic abilities, the pink moonstone's meaning has to do with inviting love and opening the heart to it.


Rainbow moonstone:

The stone is actually known as White Labradorite gemstone, and Rainbow Moonstone features demonstrate that it is Labradorite, but the name Rainbow Moonstone has been given to it because of the brilliant Rainbow colours it emits, which give it a vague resemblance to the Moonstone rock. It is claimed that the rainbow colours it releases have an impact on all 7 of the body's chakras, purify the aura, and provide clarity. It is believed that Rainbow Moonstone can deflect negative energy. It promotes peaceful sleep and lucid dreams. The healing qualities of rainbow moonstone also aid in personal transformation.

Green Moonstone:

A rare green form of moonstone with all the therapeutic qualities of moonstone is known as green moonstone.


Moonstone Healing Properties

With the help of the Moonstone's healing abilities, celebrate the divine feminine, uncover your fortune, and say yes to more profound crystal healing. The Moonstone is connected to all of our emotions, the tides, the light and dark, and the depths of our own soul, exactly like the cosmic rock that hangs in our sky. This multicoloured crystal loves to bring light into your life. Check out all the ways this pearly stone may restore equilibrium to see how the healing properties of the moonstone extend from the spiritual to the physical.

Physical Healing Properties

It should come as no surprise that the Moonstone, which is so closely associated with the Goddess energy and the divine feminine, could be your key to fewer symptoms and improved hormonal balance if you suffer from PMS. The moonstone has a strong receptive influence and helps your body into its natural cycle. The moonstone can also assist folks who are having fertility problems to have these problems come to a healthier conclusion. Parents-to-be will also find courage and strength in the moonstone because it can soothe the various bodily aches and pains frequently connected with pregnancy and childbirth.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

This only serves as a suggestion as to how much the moon impacts our emotional equilibrium if you've ever felt as like you were going crazy during a full moon. The Moonstone is here to dispel the gloom and to amplify all those emotions. You may intuitively connect to the cosmos and bring all those crazy hormones under control by carrying a sign of the moon with you or keeping it in your life. This will ensure that you are moving in harmony with the environment outside your window. The moonstone is sometimes referred to as the stone of fresh starts.

Everything changes and passes away, and the moonstone serves as a reminder of how crucial it is to accept the seasonal cycle and not hold a grudge against the possibility of new chapters. Through the harmony of its inherent healing abilities, the Moonstone assists you in processing and accepting rather than succumbing to overwhelm.

Metaphysical Properties

The Moonstone is cosmological and endearing, full of psychic skills, and an excellent chakra link. This shimmering stone has a highly spiritual quality to it that makes us feel awestruck and at peace, much like seeing the moonbeams dance across the midnight ocean. The Heart Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, and Crown Chakra are three chakras that the moonstone harmoniously aligns with. The Heart and Third Eye chakras call us to search within so that we can see far beyond the boundaries of our own peripheral vision. When these two chakras are open and in sync, they aid us in discovering our position in the cosmos and make us feel like a piece of the vast cosmic jigsaw puzzle swirling over our heads.



Gemstones are a wonderful way to elevate your spiritual practice, and with so many different stones and rituals to incorporate, there's no shortage of ways to work with them. If you're looking to bring more balance into your life, heighten your intuition, and get in touch with your feminine nature, this stone would be a great place to start.

A fantastic gem to have in your life is moonstone. The Moonstone may be the perfect gem to offer brilliant light that penetrates the darkness for people who yearn for a bit more goddess energy, who want to stay tuned to the greater picture, and who may need a little extra assistance when it comes to embracing positive energy around change.


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