What is Rainbow Fluorite and It’s properties?

Rainbow fluorite is also referred to as the genius stone, the stone of discernment and aptitude, and the ultimate multitasking stone. Fluorite crystals should be stored in every area of the house because they are claimed to be extremely protective and capable of neutralising negative energies.

It enhances decision-making and concentration. It boosts other crystal accessories' powers when worn, making them more potent. It is a fantastic stone for soothing and reducing tension and stress and can be used to energise the body as a meditation stone. It boosts mental capacities and gets rid of mental obstacles.

This energising crystal's role as a stone of discernment is to expose deception and dispel it. By supporting you in identifying when something or someone is attempting to influence and control your inner structure, it helps to defend you. It considerably increases confidence and sharpens intuition while also enhancing mental clarity. Fluorite enhances straightforward communication, calms chaotic emotions, and reduces turmoil. The majority of the colours of the rainbow are combined in the vivid crystal known as rainbow fluorite. It seems striped and varies in transparency and opacity. This stone is usually found in nature as flat, elongated crystals, clusters, or small cubes. The surface of rainbow fluorite is dull or glassy.

Crystals and chakras

Rainbow fluorite is a multicoloured stone that can balance and energise various chakras while also relieving emotional trauma.Fluorite has a reputation for enhancing and strengthening other crystals, and it is widely used to cleanse energy fields.

It is thought to improve mystic vision, spiritual balance, and intuition as a healing stone. It's a helpful stone for education. Fluorite improves memory recall and mental agility, allowing you to clear your mind of "chatter" and make way for fresh thoughts to flourish.

Healing properties of Fluorite

With the wonderful healing qualities of fluorite, you can spring-clean your soul and sweep out the mess from your mind. One of the most popular aura cleaners in the world, this stone loves to clear away those murky doubts so you can make decisions based on truth and clarity. Fluorite has wonderful healing effects for your physical, emotional, and spiritual welfare if you battle with direction, have a tendency to hold yourself bound by worry, or could use a little assistance in the area of self-love and confidence.

Physical Healing Properties

Fluorite enjoys delivering purity and sound health to the body as well as mental clarity. As its energy is all about clearing out harmful thoughts, patterns, and behaviours, including addiction difficulties as well, it's an excellent stone for those who wish to detox. Fluorite is a fantastic antiviral stone because of its unending, clean vitality. It can be used to help the body clear infection when viral symptoms first appear, preventing the condition from worsening.

Fluorite is also here to heal any joint- or tissue-related or bone-related ailment. It is here to restore mobility issues and return you to the beauty of full and flourishing health, and has been proven to be very useful with ailments like rheumatism and arthritis.

Mental and emotional healing properties

It's crucial to keep in mind that fluorite gets its name from the term "flux" when it comes to your emotional health. This stone emphasises developing your own flow and being in sync with yourself. We are able to travel through the world with the transparency of water when we are in flux with the world around us and soft in our flow. We are able to think clearly, to be honest with ourselves, and to base our decisions on this ability to think clearly. Fluorite is available to fill in those gaps of self-assured thinking for anyone who struggles with "fence-sitting," giving you a greater sense of your ability to make well-considered decisions.

We adore fluorite because of its exquisite balance-finding abilities. It keeps you rooted, which makes you feel secure and stable, but it also challenges you to reach higher, think creatively, step outside the box, and immerse yourself in a soothing white light that sings to your soul.

Metaphysical Properties

The fluorite stone's amazing capacity to wave goodbye to any lingering negative energy is one of its best attributes. That is not to imply that fluorite is solely about whitewashing in a positive way. This stone enables you to experience all of your emotions without getting overwhelmed by them. Instead, it motivates you to maintain perspective, be sensible, and keep pessimistic thoughts at bay.  It is always ready to realign and regulate those chakras and can be an excellent aura cleanser.Which chakra receives the crystal healing therapy will depend on the type of stone you select. Green fluorite is for the heart, purple fluorite is for the spiritual third eye, and clear fluorite is for the dazzling crown. Blue fluorite is for the throat.

Zodiac Birthstone

Fluorite, which is cherished as the birthstone for people born under the Capricorn horoscope, is here to bring some sense of order to the turmoil in the world. Capricorns often struggle with chaos, preferring organisation and cleanliness instead. Fluorite and Capricorn are a match made in heaven because it is one of the best crystals for enhancing mental focus and organisational abilities. Fluorite is also here to persuade Capricorns not to remain in that zone of their minds that is too busy. It's understandable that Capricorns can feel overwhelmed by their thoughts, which race by at a thousand miles per hour. Fluorite, which calms the mind, is a blessing since it gives you time and space to relax and take deep breaths.

Another sign that appears to be charmed by fluorite's curative charms is Pisces. Pisces are emphatic, mystical, and a little bit emotional, and they enjoy going with the flow, which is a real reflection of their water-based energy. Fluorite, particularly purple fluorite, with its eye-opening properties and a dash of mythological magic, is a stone that complements that pleasant flow. 


It is obvious that rainbow fluorite is a crystal worth owning when it has a name like "Genius Stone." For individuals that simply require a little bit more clarity in their lives, fluorite is a fantastic stone. Making decisions can be difficult, and the mind can readily become confused by complex issues and a wide range of options. It's quite difficult to consistently keep in touch with our inner emotions and to figure out what we actually desire on a heart level. Fluorite is aware of this and is able to access it by cleansing our chakras and thoroughly cleaning our aura. This stone will literally spring clean your heart and mind. One of the best things about fluorite is how many different shades it comes in, making it simple to choose the stone that resonates with you depending on which chakra you need support with.

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