Zodiac Stones: Best Crystals for Virgo Zodiac

Virgo arrives at the start of the harvest season, at the end of the summer. After Leo has assisted us in finding ourselves, Virgo energy enters and motivates us to improve ourselves and help others. Virgos are perfectionists who exhibit excellent judgement in everything of their actions, thoughts, and speech. They have the commitment and tenacity to make it happen because they are confident that they are aware of the greatest possible solution.

These dedicated problem-solvers will thoroughly investigate and analyse problems before coming up with the best solution. Its symbol is a woman carrying a sheaf of wheat, which indicate wisdom.   They have the capacity for criticism, but it always stems from a desire to impart wisdom and comes from the heart. Virgo sun signs are intensely driven and can develop an obsession with finishing tasks and making them flawless. They have sharp minds, are systematic and analytical, and frequently have excellent memories. 

Virgos enjoy helping others and being of service to them. They tend to have a deep affection and respect for the earth because it is their element. They have excellent manners and are very courteous. The conflict between wanting everything to be flawless and realising it's not is the biggest challenge for Virgos. They are constantly battling chaos and order inside themselves.

Virgo Crystals

The precious stones for the sign of Virgo have been chosen for their ability to provide harmony, promote inner healing, and assist in steering Virgos away from the more destructive aspects of perfectionism. Wanting everything to be perfect might motivate you to work hard and succeed, but it can also cause you to be unsatisfied and more critical of yourself than is necessary. These gems are meant to cleanse your energy and assist you in embracing your more compassionate side. Check out our picks for Virgo birthstones.

Blue Sapphire 

The magnificent Blue Sapphire is the birthstone for September and sparkles in shades of ocean-bright hues. This priceless jewel is the cornerstone for all Virgos and is adept at channelling all of Mercury's powers. Mercury is noted for its creative brightness and its capacity to unravel obstacles in communication. All of this and more is captured in the lovely Blue Sapphire. The sapphire is a symbol of integrity and truth. Additionally, it gives Virgos who are constantly striving for perfection the peripheral vision they need to take in the big picture rather than getting sucked into the depths of tunnel vision.

Green Jade

This crystal is the birthstone for the Virgo Zodiac sign. It promotes accepting accountability for your own well-being, resources, and objectives. It balances the physical, mental, and emotional facets of family, work, and relationships. This is why it is known as the Sovereign for Harmony. It is also known to have healing capabilities and is a great stone for improving attention to detail, which is a characteristic of Virgoans.


As it functions on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level, kyanite is one of those all-purpose crystals that is great for anyone to have. It is a potent energy transmitter and amplifier that increases intuition, which is one of Virgo's greatest gifts. It's a great stone for Virgoan qualities like loyalty, self-improvement, and identifying your real calling.

Note: Kyanite doesn't hold any negativity, thus it never needs to be cleansed.


Amethyst is a spiritual stone that makes your individuality known to others. It's important to accept who you are rather than how you think others should see you. The high vibration of amethyst, which is prized for its relaxing and soothing properties, boosts motivation, sharpens intuition, and encourages equilibrium. Therefore, this is a perfect stone to pick if you need that boost in confidence when making judgments. Virgoans, with their desire to aid others, frequently collaborate with amethyst to promote selflessness by elevating consciousness.


The positive manifestation of all aspects of life, especially health and wellness, is supported by this stone. One of the best stones for attracting riches and abundance into your life, it is also known to boost self-confidence. You should hold the citrine crystal for manifesting, according to Sarah Scoop. Any Virgo is known to feel excited about it; it highlights their innate talents since they are inherently motivated, structured, and disciplined.


Amazonite is regarded as a stone of courage, communication, and truth and inspires honesty, honour, and integrity. The stone for the throat and heart chakras is thought to enhance self-expression and give one the confidence to speak their heart's truth. Its calming vibration releases blockages from the heart region and lowers emotions like rage, bitterness, and jealously. Amazonite helps you overcome fears and anxieties, particularly those related to love and romantic relationships. It also increases emotional confidence and self-esteem. The stone helps methodical Virgo overcome their own obstacles, enabling them to be more flexible, go with the flow, and speak their truth.


Lapis Lazuli is said to ward off evil spirits and block any negative energy, and it is also linked to courage and strength. This zodiac stone is reputed to boost your self-esteem and help you make the most of life!

It supports the growth of effective communication skills and self-assurance in your authentic self! Because of its earthy energy and characteristics, ancient Egyptians used powdered lapis lazuli around their eyes to improve their vision and treat any headaches.


For Virgos who are often concerned about their health or lack energy, this green stone is a fantastic aid. Emerald has a great affinity for Planet Mercury and the heart chakra, making it a fantastic choice for Virgo people to use! It has a potent energy field that can assist you in attracting harmony and love into your life!

The emerald is a beautiful stone to utilise to relieve any worry and anxiety about your emotions, especially if you are a sensitive Virgo. When handled frequently, green stones such as emeralds can relax anxiety, reduce tension, and improve mental clarity. It also promotes acceptance of oneself and others as they are, without passing judgement on their imperfections.

Black Obsidian

Being able to absorb any bad energy in your life makes black obsidian one of the best healing crystals! This stone is an excellent aid for Virgos who tend to be easily flustered and carry pent-up anxiety. When held regularly, it can soothe anxiety, quiet the mind, and improve mental clarity.

Black Obsidian also promotes accepting one's imperfections without passing judgement and pushing past self-imposed limitations in life.


The crown chakra is tied to and aligned with kunzite. The ability to connect with the spiritual world and provide chances for all kinds of development and change are both attributes of the crown chakra.

Virgos frequently experience anxiety when a change occurs. For Virgos who tend to be harsh on themselves and harbour self-blame, this stone is a fantastic aid. When held consistently, it can aid in boosting sentiments of tolerance and patience as well as inner resolve.

Along with clearing the body of toxic pollutants, kunzite also promotes acceptance in life. It is regarded as one of the best healing stones for those with the Virgo sun sign. When you require a little assistance from the upper realm, this is the greatest time to apply Kunzite!


As a Virgo, the Sun, Moon, ruling planet, and ascendant all have an impact on your personality. These all have a special gemstone that they resonate with. These nine crystals will therefore be of assistance if you want to access your natural efficiency, take care of the environment, and support your innate desire to serve others.

Your kind nature, steadfastness as a lover and friend, and dedication to finding solutions for everyone around you are admirable traits. You are cherished and constantly thought of. These stones are there to assist you shine a light on all of your best qualities and guide you toward realising your goals. They are also here to remind you not to become lost in the endless pursuit of perfectionism. There are numerous ways to succeed in life, and getting too caught up in one idea might cause excessive concern and make it difficult to appreciate the beauty of all the little moments in between. Be kind to yourself.

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