Green Aventurine - Courage to chase your dream

Green Aventurine connects with Heart Chakra, enhancing spiritual power, broadening one's horizons, and enlarging one's self-importance and vision. Green Aventurine is a stone of good fortune, bringing opportunity and good luck and creating harmony and happiness. It is an indispensable stone for entrepreneurs and those wishing to develop a better vision.

The green light of the Green Aventurine is associated with money and enables one to reap what is rightfully owed to one's hard work. It brings good fortune and represents abundance. It has thriving energy.

It helps to perceive one's strengths, builds self-confidence, and can help to understand the great wisdom of the universe. It is a good healer for those who have lost their love to comfort a broken heart and promote the courage to fall in love again.

Green is also the colour of wealth and represents a beautiful vision of prosperity. For the busy and nervous modern life, Green Aventurine is also a great companion for creating the future, often conjuring up ideas and dreams, improving self-judgement and helping to decide what will make us happy or not.

Corresponding to the American New Age concept of Green Wealth, Green is most often used in fantasy or magical rituals to gather the abundant energy of wealth. Green Aventurine is the most faithful, thoughtful and practical of stones, with no flashy exterior but a natural substance.

The use of Green Aventurine for meditation not only absorbs wealth but also opens the Heart Chakra through its energy frequency, enabling people to be happy every day. Those who are more introverted will have more confidence and be able to act and speak freely. Sitting on a cushion made of fine rolled stones of Green Aventurine can change the negative thinking pattern of those who often feel worried.

In crystal healing, people with knots and complexes can lie flat and place a heart-shaped Green Aventurine Stone on their Heart Chakra, imagining that the whole green heart is integrated into their body, helping to melt away all the negative energy in their hearts and restore a healthy, happy and confident outlook on life.

The Green Aventurine are also used to form a seven-star array order. They are utilized for fantasy initiation, linking and meditation to pray for the rapid arrival of wealth. Please do not give away the stone you used to manifest your wealth, as you may be giving it away.

Green Aventurine brings spring energy, full of prosperity, abundance, richness and beauty. It is recommended that entrepreneurs and those who wish to build a brighter future should fill their desks, cars, offices, and homes with Green Aventurin to create an [win-win] atmosphere.

The rapid development of modern society and the fast pace of life and work have created a sense of intangible depression, leading to a desire to return to nature and one's true nature. Green Aventurine is the best way to achieve this. 

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