Labradorite: Meaning and Healing Properties

The crystal of labradorite is frequently referred to as "the stone of mysticism."  It has a connection to the Aurora Borealis, often known as the Northern Lights, which is an amazing natural occurrence., labradorite stones are,  as ethereal as its iridescent, shifting colours imply.

The history of labradorite's meaning is rather extensive and tumultuous. Its ties to the Inuit culture give it a deep, shamanic vibe. According to legend, an Inuit warrior once noticed that the Northern Lights had become imprisoned in a portion of the stone. It's thought that he used his spear to strike the rock and release the light, allowing it to rise once more into the sky.

In the 18th Century, Moravian missionaries were so intrigued by this distant corner of the Canadian wilderness that they continued to travel there, sharing the experiences with those back in Europe. The stone now stands for mysticism and folklore as a result.

Because it appears to include every colour in the spectrum, labradorite crystal is known as Spectrolite in Finland. The stone represents those who aspire to embrace and investigate the cosmos' mysteries and has come to be associated with concepts of art and magic.

The same captivating rainbow of light and darkness may be seen in labradorite. Its hue is amazing. It produces stunning rainbows with a metallic-like iridescence known as labradorescence. This results from light refraction and interference as it enters and exits the stone. The predominant colours are blue and green, but if you look closely, you can see reds, yellows, and oranges playing in the sunshine.

Labradorite Healing Properties

Labradorite embraces beauty, grace, mysticism, and powerful healing just like the Northern Lights that light up the dark northern skies in the winter. Labradorite teaches us how to deliver life-giving energy to all regions of our souls - from the body to the intellect and those deep, hard-to-reach corners which keep us all in balance. Sometimes, the world can rob us of our much-needed energy and priceless resources. It is a stone that points the road to strengthening our own mental clarity, artistic ambition, and cosmic vitality. 

Physical Healing Properties

Although labradorite is often thought of as a stone brimming with mystical energy, it is also an excellent stone for grounding when it comes to physical healing. Regarding the respiratory system is one area in which labradorite excels as a healing gem. This stone is all about promoting total health and wellbeing, allowing you to take a deep breath calmly as you say "yes" to the universe. Additionally, it helps to improve breathing, blood circulation, and lung capacity. Those suffering from bronchitis and other respiratory ailments may find benefit from the therapeutic properties of labradorite.

Despite paying particular attention to the lungs, labradorite has other benefits as well. Additionally, it promotes healthy digestion, regulates, and maintains a healthy metabolism. This mild stone can also help keep pain and tension under control for people who experience PMS symptoms and painful periods. Additionally, it eases gout-related discomfort and promotes rheumatic healing.

The luxuriant characteristics of labradorite can actually dispel any form of tension and worry. It is a stone that is known to promote mental clarity, assisting you in clearing the mental fog and maintaining mental focus. The exact formula you require to make brilliant judgments.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

If you feel drawn to the stones of transformation and courage, labradorite might be the healing stone you've been looking for. With its light-shot colour schemes, labradorite is far more than simply a gorgeous face. It seems to whisper strong healing. You want labradorite on your side when it comes to mental matters. The primary benefit is that it quiets the monkey mind and prevents your thoughts from bouncing from branch to branch. That is not to imply that labradorite calms the mind; on the contrary, it stimulates it. The iridescent cosmic swirls of labradorite are likely to get your creative energies soaring if you're feeling uninspired or like your creativity needs a boost.

Labradorite keeps you from becoming bogged down by external events and other duties by cleaning out all that junk and revitalising the spirit with a glittering burst of vitality. Labradorite is always willing to serve as your individual mascot if you ever needed a little extra encouragement to take on the challenge.

 For those who do experience depression, labradorite is not afraid to absorb negative emotions. Due to its dedication to keep you connected to the earth below your feet, no matter how high it encourages your imagination to soar, it is a fantastic stabilising stone.

Metaphysical Properties

Labradorite walks the line between what we need on earth and what can help us soar higher. It is connected to the Third-Eye Chakra, which is our connection to the spiritual realm, and the Throat Chakra, the tool of communication.

The Throat Chakra supports us in maintaining our identity and speaking our truth. It serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of speaking up, of being clear in expressing our demands, and of being independent in the world. When the throat chakra is blocked, we may find it difficult to be heard or understood, our relationships with others may become strained, and we may lack the courage to speak up for what is best for ourselves.


The Third Eye Chakra enables us to see more clearly both within and outside and aligns us with our higher purpose. When we open that chakra, we are better able to navigate the world consciously and let go of outdated beliefs that no longer serve us in favour of choosing fresh, exciting paths that are more in line with our genuine, limitless purpose. This is why labradorite is frequently associated with shamanism, mysticism, and magic. It has long been a tool used by healers, and many are drawn to it because of its heavenly aura and capacity to access these many realms of consciousness. Labradorite gemstones have also been said to possess psychic abilities.

Final Thoughts on Labradorite

A beautiful crystal to add to your life is labradorite, especially if you are someone who would benefit from opening the throat chakra for improved communication, the heart chakra, and the third eye to access psychic talents. Labradorite is always willing to be your muse, even if you are just seeking for a lovely stone to inspire you.

Sometimes we need a little prodding from the outer world in order to access our inner magic, and this is precisely what Labradorite wants for you. You will fall in love with this Stone of Magic after just one look at its Aurora Borealis brilliance and the captivating colour schemes flowing beneath the surface. Turning to the poetic lore of the Labradorite crystal will bring you good health, creative wealth, and spiritual growth.


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