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Attract Abundance: Enchanted Luck Kit for Fortune,Prosperity, and Serendipity, with Luck Candle, Luck Spray and Citrine Sphere, Crystal Gift

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Unleash a tidal wave of good fortune with this captivating Luck Kit! Infused with the ancient wisdom of crystals and the power of intention, it ignites the spark of serendipity and invites abundance into your life. Whether you're seeking business success, lottery wins, or simply an extra dose of luck in everyday encounters, this kit is your lucky charm.

Kit includes: Luck Candle*1, Luck Spray*1, Citrine Sphere*1

Auspicious Candle: Hand-poured with soy wax and infused with clover leaf essential oils, this candle glows with golden light, attracting fortune and opportunities your way. Light it and set your intentions for prosperity, success, and unexpected delights. Oolong in Forest Scent, Hand Poured in Sydney with Soy wax and wood wick, 200g, lasts for 30-35 hours.

Magnetic Mist: Crafted with citrine chips and lemongrass, this invigorating spray envelops you in an aura of luck and attraction. Mist your work space, or even lucky charms to amplify your chances of success. Oolong in Forest Scent Scent, hand-poured in Sydney with Citrine chips, 50ml.
* Room Spray only and do not spray on the body or animal!

Empowered Sphere: A gleaming green aventurine sphere, the stone of prosperity and opportunity, lies at the heart of the kit. Hold it during affirmations, place it on your desk, or carry it close to attract good fortune and unexpected wins. Size: Approx. 4-5cm

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