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Black Obsidian Celestial Engraved Tower - Protection & Cosmic Connection

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Unleash the power of the night with this captivating Black Obsidian Celestial Engraved Tower. Its smooth, polished surface reveals intricate celestial engravings, perfect for connecting with the mysteries of the universe.

Material: Black Obsidian
Size: Approximately 6-8cm
Engravings: Celestial design (stars, moons, etc.)

Feel: The cool, smooth surface feels grounding and protective in your hands, ideal for meditation, crystal healing, or simply adorning your sacred space.

Metaphysical Properties:
Black obsidian is believed to be a powerful protection stone, shielding negativity and promoting self-reflection. It's said to help you connect with your shadow self and release past traumas.

Disclaimer: These are metaphysical properties and not medical claims.

How to Use:
Meditate with the tower to access your inner wisdom and release negativity.
Place it on your altar or workspace for protection and grounding energy.
Carry it with you for a sense of security and self-reflection throughout the day.
Use it during crystal healing sessions to absorb negativity and promote emotional balance.

Care Instructions:
Gently cleanse your Black Obsidian Celestial Engraved Tower with running water and dry it thoroughly with a soft cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals or prolonged direct sunlight.

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