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Breathe Deep, Find Peace: Soothe Your Soul with the Enchanting Calming Kit-Crystal Kit for Calming,Gift for Calming,Crystal Gift of Calming

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Escape the daily stressors and discover a haven of tranquility with this captivating Calming Kit. Infused with the ancient wisdom of crystals and the power of intention, it provides everything you need to melt away tension, quiet your mind, and invite serenity into your life.

Kit includes: Calm Candle*1, Cleansing Spray*1, Fluorite Sphere*1
Tranquility Candle: Hand-poured with soy wax and infused with lavender and chamomile essential oils, this candle diffuses a calming aroma that melts away anxiety and invites deep relaxation. Light it and set your intentions for peace, inner harmony, and restful sleep. Amber Oud Wood Scent, hand-poured in Sydney with Soy wax and wood wick, 200g, lasts for 30-35 hours.

Purifying Mist: Crafted with clear quartz chips and lavender hydrosol, this gentle spray cleanses your energy field and creates a peaceful environment. Mist your surroundings, or even your pillow before sleep to release negativity and embrace tranquility. Amber Oud Wood Scent, hand-poured in Sydney with Clear Quartz chips, 50ml.
* Room Spray only, DO NOT spray on human body or animal.

Empowered Sphere: A glistening fluorite sphere, the stone of emotional stability and mental clarity, rests at the heart of the kit. Hold it during meditation, place it by your bedside, or carry it close to soothe anxieties and promote restful sleep. Size: Approx. 4-5cm
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