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Desert Rose Crystal Tumbles: Find Serenity & Grounding Energy - 5 in one pack

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Embrace the beauty of the desert with this enchanting Desert Rose Selenite tumble stone. Formed by wind, sand, and water, this unique crystal combines Selenite's calming energy with the earth's grounding essence.

Size: 2-3cm
Color: White with natural brown inclusions
Each Desert Rose Selenite is unique, formed by the magic of nature. You will receive 5 beautiful stones, chosen intuitively just for you.

Gentle and calming energy
Promotes mental clarity and focus
Aids in manifestation and self-expression
Balances and cleanses the aura
Enhances connection with higher realms

Perfect for:
Meditation and spiritual practices
Creating a peaceful and uplifting environment
Relieving stress and anxiety
Promoting emotional well-being
Aligning and activating chakras

How to Use:
Hold during meditation or affirmations to amplify your intentions.
Place on your desk or workspace to promote focus and clarity.
Keep by your bedside to cleanse the energy of your sleep space.
Carry with you throughout the day for grounding and protection.
Desert Rose Selenite is a beautiful and powerful crystal that can enhance your life in many ways. Add one to your collection today!

Please note: Selenite is a soft stone. Handle with care and avoid placing it in water.

Disclaimer: Crystal healing information is provided for spiritual support and should not be interpreted as a replacement for medical advice.
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