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Enchanted Ritual Kit for Open Hearts and Awakened Passion - Rose Quartz Crystal Candle Spray - Valentine's Day Gift

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Unfurl your heart and unlock the magic of love with this enchanting ritual kit. Infused with the ancient wisdom of crystals and the power of intention, it provides everything you need to cultivate love in your life, whether seeking self-love, attracting a soul mate, or deepening an existing connection.

Kit includes: Love Candle*1, Love Spray*1, Rose Quartz Sphere*1

Luminous Candle: Hand-poured with soy wax and infused with jasmine essential oils, this candle casts a warm glow and fills your space with the seductive scent of love. Light it and set your intentions for attraction, harmony, and joy. Rose in the Wonderland Scent, hand-poured in Sydney with Soy wax and wood wick, 200g, lasts for 30-35 hours.

Mystical Mist: Crafted with rose quartz chips, this alluring spray gently envelops you in a veil of love-attracting energy. Mist yourself, your surroundings, or even love letters and gifts to amplify your desires. Rose in the Wonderland Scent, hand-poured in Sydney with Rose Quartz chips, 50ml.

Empowered Sphere: A glistening rose quartz sphere, the stone of love and compassion, rests at the heart of the kit. Hold it during meditation, place it on your altar, or carry it close to invite harmony and open your heart to love's abundance. Size: Approx. 4-5cm

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