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Enthralling X-Large Purple Fluorite Tower with Rainbow & Point

$558.00 AUD
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Elevate your space with the captivating beauty of a natural Large Purple Fluorite Tower!

This magnificent crystal features rich, vibrant purple hues that shimmer and dance in the light. Polished to a smooth perfection, it exudes an air of tranquility and elegance, making a stunning addition to your home decor or crystal collection.

Size: 2.11kg, 26cm

Fluorite is known for its powerful properties, including:
Balancing energies
Enhancing focus and concentration
Promoting positivity and mental clarity
Encouraging creativity and intuition

This Large Purple Fluorite Tower is perfect for:
Creating a sacred space for meditation and reflection
Fostering a calming and harmonious atmosphere
Promoting well-being and emotional balance
Making a thoughtful and unique gift for crystal lovers

Please note: As this is a natural product, variations in size, color, and formation are to be expected. Each tower is unique, adding to its beauty and character.

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