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Amazonite Palm Stone | Communication, Calm & Positivity

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Material: Genuine Amazonite Tumbled Stone
Ethically Sourced: We source our crystals with respect for the environment and fair trade practices.

Perfectly sized to hold comfortably in your palm, this beautiful Amazonite stone offers a gentle touch of tranquility and encourages clear communication.

Unleash the power of Amazonite:
Soothing Communication: Known as the "Stone of Harmony," Amazonite promotes clear and truthful communication, fostering understanding and reducing misunderstandings.
Emotional Balance & Calming Energy: This crystal exudes a calming energy, alleviating anxiety and promoting emotional balance, making it a perfect worry stone.
Throat Chakra Alignment: Resonates with the Throat Chakra, enhancing self-expression, creativity, and truthful communication.
Positive Vibes & Optimism: Amazonite fosters a sense of optimism and a positive outlook, promoting a more hopeful perspective.
Pocket-Sized Comfort: Tumbled smooth and perfectly palm-sized, this stone is ideal for carrying with you throughout the day for a constant source of calming energy.

This Amazonite Palm Stone Tumbled Crystal is perfect for:
Anyone seeking to improve communication and self-expression
Individuals managing anxiety or stress
Those working on public speaking or presentations
Crystal healers and lightworkers working on the Throat Chakra
Anyone who appreciates the beauty and comfort of palm stones

Welcome the calming energy and communication magic of Amazonite today!

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