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Labradorite Necklace - Shimmering Magic & Play of Color

$14.90 AUD
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This necklace features a stunning labradorite gemstone, known for its mesmerizing play of color. As light hits the stone, it flashes with vibrant hues of blue, green, gold, and even flashes of violet, creating a truly magical effect.

Size of the Crystal: 3-4cm

Anyone who loves the beauty of natural gemstones
Those who appreciate unique and eye-catching jewelry
Gift-giving (birthdays, anniversaries, holidays)

Care Instructions:
Labradorite is a relatively hard gemstone, but it can still scratch. To keep your necklace looking its best, avoid wearing it during strenuous activity or while cleaning. Wipe it clean with a soft, dry cloth after each wear.

Labradorite is a natural gemstone, and each stone will vary slightly in color and pattern. This adds to the uniqueness of your piece!
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