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Garnet Tower - Passion, Power, & Prosperity

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Unleash your inner fire with this captivating Garnet Tower. Glowing with a rich red hue, this tower embodies passion, strength, and vitality.

Feel: The cool, smooth surface feels energizing and grounding in your hands, perfect for meditation, crystal healing, or simply adorning your space.

Metaphysical Properties:
Garnet is believed to be a stone of passion, strength, and abundance. It's said to stimulate creativity, increase vitality, and promote self-confidence. It may also help with grounding energy and emotional balance.

Disclaimer: These are metaphysical properties and not medical claims.

How to Use:
Meditate with the tower to cultivate passion, self-confidence, and a sense of abundance.
Place it on your desk or workspace to stimulate creativity and enhance focus.
Carry it with you for a boost of energy and a reminder to embrace your passions throughout the day.
Use it during crystal healing sessions to promote emotional balance and encourage a sense of empowerment.

Care Instructions:
Gently cleanse your Garnet Tower with running water and dry it thoroughly with a soft cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals or prolonged direct sunlight.

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