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Mozambique Rose Quartz Sphere: Love & Peace Crystals

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This captivating Mozambique Rose Quartz Sphere brings the calming energy of rose quartz directly from its African origin. Known as the "Stone of Unconditional Love," rose quartz fosters emotional well-being and attracts love in all its forms.

Genuine Rose Quartz, ethically sourced from Mozambique
Diameter: Approx 4.5cm

Smooth, polished surface for a luxurious feel
Each sphere is unique, featuring the delicate pink hues and subtle variations characteristic of natural rose quartz.

Metaphysical Properties (for informational purposes only):
Rose quartz is believed to:
Promote self-love and acceptance
Encourage emotional healing and release negativity
Strengthen relationships and attract love
Foster peace and tranquility

Please note:
Due to the natural variations in rose quartz, the exact color and inclusions may differ slightly from the sphere pictured.
Each sphere is unique and chosen intuitively just for you.
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