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Natural Citrine Bracelet Citrine Crystal Bracelet

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Sparkle with the warmth and energy of success with this stunning Citrine Bracelet!

Citrine's Magic:
The Merchant's Stone: Attracts wealth, prosperity, and success.
Manifestation Powerhouse: Amplifies intentions and brings dreams to life.
Sunshine in Stone: Promotes optimism, joy, and abundance.
Boosts Creativity & Confidence: Enhances self-expression and attracts opportunities.
November Birthstone: A meaningful gift for November birthdays.

Bracelet Details:
Citrine Gemstones: Choose your desired size (list available sizes, e.g. 6mm, 8mm) of genuine, ethically sourced Citrine crystals.
Durable Comfort: Strong, stretchy cord for a comfortable fit for 15-19cm wrist circumference
Lovingly Charged: Each bracelet is cleansed and charged with positive intentions to enhance its energy.

Ideal For:
Bringing a touch of sunshine and abundance to everyday wear.
Manifesting your goals and attracting success.
Boosting creativity and confidence during creative pursuits.
Meditation and affirmations to amplify positive energy.
A thoughtful gift for anyone seeking prosperity, joy, or a November birthday.

Caring for your Citrine Sunshine:
To cleanse your bracelet, smudge it with sage or place it in the warm sunlight.
Avoid harsh chemicals and excessive water exposure.

Please Note:
Each Citrine crystal is unique and may vary slightly in color and size.
The metaphysical properties described are for informational purposes only.

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