Purple Labradorite Palm Stone (Rainbow) - Transformation & Luck

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Embrace your inner magic with this captivating Purple Labradorite Palm Stone. Shimmering with an enchanting play of iridescent colors, this stone is a powerful tool for transformation and self-discovery.

Material: Polished Purple Labradorite, 3-4cm, 30-50g

Feel: The smooth, cool surface feels comforting to hold, perfect for meditation, crystal healing, or simply carrying with you throughout the day.

Labradorite is believed to be a stone of transformation, stimulating intuition and imagination. It's said to help you connect with your inner wisdom and manifest your desires.

How to Use:

Meditate with the palm stone to enhance intuition and creativity.
Carry it in your pocket for a sense of calm and grounding energy.
Place it on your desk or nightstand to promote restful sleep and vivid dreams.
Use it during crystal healing sessions to tap into its transformative properties.

Care Instructions:
Gently cleanse your Purple Labradorite Palm Stone with running water and dry it thoroughly with a soft cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals or prolonged direct sunlight.

Disclaimer: These are metaphysical properties and not medical claims.

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