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Selenite Tower - Natural Cleansing Crystal

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Embrace Serenity with Selenite

This captivating Selenite Tower (7-8cm) brings the beauty and power of natural crystals to your home. Renowned for its cleansing properties, Selenite is believed to:

  • Clear negativity: Foster peace and tranquility by dispelling negative energy.
  • Enhance focus: Promote mental clarity, making it ideal for meditation or creative endeavors.

More Than DĂ©cor

This Selenite Tower is a tool for energetic well-being. Use it for:

  • Space clearing: Promote a positive atmosphere by gently walking the tower around your home.
  • Meditation: Enhance focus by holding the tower during meditation.

Care for Your Crystal

Selenite is a soft mineral. Keep it safe from direct sunlight and harsh chemicals. Cleanse it regularly with sage or moonlight.

Order your Selenite Tower today and experience its positive energy!


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