Blue Calcite Celestine Heart Crystal - Peace & Communication

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Unwind and invite serenity into your life with this beautiful Blue Calcite Heart crystal. Polished to a smooth perfection, this heart-shaped stone showcases calming shades of blue with a gentle luster. 

Feel: The cool, polished surface feels comforting in your hands, perfect for holding during meditation or simply radiating peaceful energy in your space.

How to Use:
Meditate with the heart stone to cultivate inner peace and tranquility.
Place it on your desk or nightstand to promote relaxation and restful sleep.
Keep it in your pocket for a calming presence throughout the day.
Use it to create a crystal grid to enhance positive energy flow in your home.

Care Instructions:
Gently cleanse your Blue Calcite Heart with running water and dry it thoroughly with a soft cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals or prolonged direct sunlight.

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